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From selling cloth nappies and raising money for Greenpeace in her local community, Sue Riddlestone is now literally taking on the world. Through her organisation, Bioregional, Sue has consulted to the UK Prime Minister and the UN on sustainability and climate change policies. Sue's work on the sustainability policy for the 2012 Olympic Game, work ... [Read more]

The 10 Principles of One Planet Living

Kelly Hart is an amazing thinker and innovator. He's passionate about the environment and generous with the resources and learning he shares. Notes for the episode are to come. In the meantime, here's what you need to know: Kelly Hart's amazing hub of resources and links: Source of alternative house plans: DreamGreenHomes Following on from ... [Read more]

What's the difference between resilience and sustainability? Is there a place for both? Is it even really that important? The utter darkness while driving around east Auckland early last Sunday reminded me of the similarly eerie calm we experienced while driving around Christchurch on February 23rd, 2011. A 21st century city without electricity is a ... [Read more]

How do you measure the impact of where stuff comes from, and why is this important? Measuring the overall impact of stuff is the objective of life cycle analysis, or LCA. The type of impacts considered in LCA include: Where the raw materials come from How far they have to travel The impact of the ... [Read more]

Last week I had the chance to catch up with Barb Cooper from Down to Earth Real Estate. Barb is a trained Ecobroker and also a Homestar Homecoach. She's also a very active member of her own community, helping to organise events and publish the Paremoremo newsletter. We talked about why some real estate agents get ... [Read more]

There's a lot of talk now about 'the green wave'. But I've got a lot of questions about timing. Did the wave already come back in the 70s, did we have a 're-awaking' around the turn of the century, or is there a growing peak of awareness building momentum and about to start crashing down ... [Read more]

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