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What's the difference between resilience and sustainability? Is there a place for both? Is it even really that important? The utter darkness while driving around east Auckland early last Sunday reminded me of the similarly eerie calm we experienced while driving around Christchurch on February 23rd, 2011. A 21st century city without electricity is a ... [Read more]

Ben Adam-Smith first appeared on Home Style Green back in episode 17, almost a year ago. After this, I was inspired and motivated by what Ben is doing and wanted to stay in touch. So I did. Now he's back to share his learning from year 1. Ben and I have chatted nearly every week ... [Read more]

This week I was thrilled to be asked some great questions by a subscriber and listener. Among these was a query about how to make your home solar-ready if you can't afford to install solar straight away. The first premise of this question is one of affordability. It's not the purpose of this post to ... [Read more]

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