Sustainability Options

Sustainability Options FrogPhil and Nik Gregg run Sustainability Options, an ‘altruistic business’ that aims to work for the benefit of others in their community. When I first had the pleasure of meeting the brothers last year, I was slightly confused and also inspired by their commitment to return 85% of their profits to charity and community in order to achieve their vision.

Beyond Insulation

Sustainability Options does more than help people get insulation into their homes. Phil and Nik are passionate about the bigger picture and also address issues such as waste minimisation, water conservation, energy efficiency and ecological care.

Free Assessments

A core service of Sustainability Options is to offer free home sustainability assessments. Phil has an ambitious target to reach ‘everyone home in the Bay of Plenty’. As of the beginning of 2014, they’ve made good progress, completing over 670 visits.

Continuing to provide this service independently and for free is a big challenge, but is clearly something Phil feels very strongly about. Check out my chat with Phil to find out how they do it.

Help Warm a Home

Phil and Nik have just launched a campaign to help one particular family. An appealing approach of Sustainability Options, is simplicity. In conducting their work, they’ve come across a house that needs insulation and heating, but the required investment is simply not an option for the family.

Unfortunately this isn’t an uncommon story in New Zealand. It’d be easy to get overwhelmed by the magnitude and complexity of the fuel poverty problem in New Zealand, and the number of cold, damp houses.

Sustainability Options are keeping it simple. They’ve put the word out for any resources, money, ideas or assistance just to help this one household. (For now).

Is there any way you can help? Make a donation. Spread the word. Tell someone about this post. Refer a supplier who might be able to assist…

Contact Phil or Nik directly. I’m sure they’d love to hear from you.

In the meantime, enjoy my interview with Phil.

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