Scope Report

Are you interested in a customised design and build guide that I’m working on? I’m calling this, your ‘Scope Report’ and I’m making it available now to a handfull of people for $49.

You can secure your copy right now using Paypal.

Who’s it for?Where do you start and Sustainable Home?

Right now, the Scope Report is for you if you are:

  • In New Zealand (or going to build here)
  • Either looking for land or to buy an existing home
  • In the early brainstorming or in the design stage of a new home
  • Wanting a warm, healthy comfortable home
  • Have completed a free, short Scope the Scope survey

Get a Better Home

It strikes me that there are a number of people similar to yourself, who would like a better place to live. You’ve experienced ‘less-than-ideal’ Kiwi houses. You’ve worked hard, saved some capital, and now have a vision for a better, healthier,  more comfortable home. 

What do you want?

You’re certain about what you don’t want, but this raises more questions about what exactly you do want, and the best way to get it.

Would it help you to have a brief, customised report to assist you with your vision? The purpose of this report would be to clarify your ideas and priorities. It would also be a tool for communicating your vision to your prospective design and build team. 

Avoid Additional Design Costs

I know from my own experience that as soon as the design process starts, the professional fees start building up. Design changes are expensive and can easily cost thousands, for absolutely no benefit to you. Design changes also tend to frustrate designers and builders.

Your Personal Scope Report

Therefore, I’m now offering customised recommendations reports based on the Scope the Scope survey. At just $49, I’m confident it will help save you hundreds, if not thousands. It will certainly help you to get a healthier, more comfortable home.

What’s Included

The topics I’ll cover in your personal Scope Report include:

  • How to define the lifestyle you’re looking for
  • How to find a designer
  • The difference between a draughting technician, an architectural designer and an architect
  • Sustainability
  • Rating tools
  • Energy modelling
  • How to finance your project
  • Do you need a real estate agent?
  • Do you need a valuation?
  • Legal requirements
  • Selecting material
  • Choosing products
  • Interior design
  • How to find a builder
  • Negotiating and contracting
  • What consents do you need and how to deal with your Council
  • What you need to know about the Building Code
  • Licensed Building Practitioners (LBPs)
  • What insurance do you need before and during your build?
  • What you need to know about code of compliance
  • Landscaping
  • Commissioning and fine tuning
  • Warranties

Yes, there’s a lot to cover. My feeling is that there are few (if any) places you can currently get good, independent information on these topics, specific to your build, all in one place. 

Are there any topics missing? Are there any that don’t interest you, or that you’re already very confident of?

To secure your Scope Report, simply click on the Buy Now button below. You’ll be taken to a Paypay site for easy payment. 

Got questions? I’d love to answer them for you. Contact me here.