Improving Home Performance with Curtains

How important are curtains when it comes to improving the performance of your home?

Curtains and Curtain Tracks

Facefix Flanged Trac
The Facefix Flanged Trac cuts off air flow at the top of the curtain, reducing draughts and improving the insulation performance of the whole curtain.

As Chad Keven from Heavy Duty Curtains explains, it’s not just about the drapes, the curtain track that supports the curtain can also play a big role in improving the insulation properties.

The alternative to a track that’s sealed at the top is a pelmet, and these aren’t exactly in fashion.

Heavy Duty Cutrains

What about Blinds?

I asked Chad about blinds as an alternative. His recommendation is that drapes (good ones, that is) do tend to out perform blinds. However Roman blinds and honeycomb style blinds are also a good option.

Heavy Duty Curtains Improve Home Performance

Chad is the first to admit that he’s not in the market of offering every conceivable colour and style of drapery. His curtains are durable, simple, effective and surprising inexpensive. In short, they just work.

Heavy Duty Curtains
Check out the colour range available at Heavy Duty Curtains

How Much do Heavy Duty Drapes Cost?

So how much extra does it cost? Tune in to find out. You might be surprised!

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