How to build efficient houses without extra cost

How do you build efficient code 4 houses for the cost of code 3. And how do you get industry to solve the problem themselves?

Barratt Development's site in Corby
This site in Corby, UK is Barratt Development’s example of 3-4 bedroom homes

CSH_LogoRichard Buchanan is an Associate Director at BRE and Founder of Green Building Consultancy Ltd. I met Richard recently inside a LinkedIn group during a discussion about housing affordability.

It turns out that while we’re all looking around for policy solutions and government intervention here in New Zealand, the UK building industry has already figured out how to build better homes, for less. And they did it by collaborating together.


Richard explains what a Code 3 and a Code 4 home is and describes the project that successfully helped the industry produce more efficient and healthier homes, without any additional upfront cost.

Some links that Richard mentions in this episode include: