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Homestar RatingMatthew Cutler-Welsh Homestar Assessor

  • How sustainable is your design, or your existing home?
  • What changes or additions will make the most difference?
  • How will you market the value of your healthy, efficient home?

Homestar is New Zealand’s environmental rating for homes. It’s the best way to quantify the health, efficiency and sustainability of your design, get recommendations for improvements and to communicate the extra value you’ve added to make your house a good home.

Why use me for your Homestar Rating?

Prior to working as a building scientist, I was privileged to be the Technical Manager for Homestar at the New Zealand Green Building Council.  My experience in developing the tool can now be your unfair advantage for getting the best outcome at the lowest cost!

Contact me to find out how easy it is to get your plans rated.

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Points are available in six main categories of the Homestar tool:

  1. Energy, health and comfort
  2. Water
  3. Waste
  4. Management
  5. Security
  6. Site

Homestar is not just about energy efficiency, although this is a big part (about half the points).  So a good rating will mean a good home, all round.


The Homestar scale goes from 1 (very poor) to 10 (world leading).

  • 1 – 2: Very poor
  • 3 – 4: A typically New Zealand house, built to code minimums
  • 5 – 6: Good. 6 is the new benchmark for homes in Special Housing Areas in Auckland.
  • 7 – 8: Very good. Low energy. Good water efficiency and healthy indoor environment.
  • 9 – 10: Leading examples of sustainable living.

Enquire Now about a Homestar Assessment

Homestar Process

For more information about the Homestar rating process, see the excellent resources on the NZGBC website, visit Homestar or contact me for a chat.

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