167: Should I buy this house?

A building surveyor is trained to investigate potential issues and provide a prioritised list of maintenance for a building as part of pre-purchase inspection. When looking to buy a property, don't take the real estate agent's word for it. Find your own, reputable building surveyor to get an honest assessment of the building. You'll still need to make the decision…

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Outlander PHEV SUV

Why I Bought an SUV

Technically, I didn't purchase my new SUV. It's a work vehicle. But I did get to choose the make and model, and I'm still slightly surprised as to why I selected an SUV. How did my search for the best electric vehicle come to this? I'd always considered 'sport utility vehicles' as the worst environmental vandals on the road, taking…

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The Eco Design Advisor Conference 2017 in Wellington was another excellent event.

Eco Designer Advisor Conference 2017

Prefabrication, high performance homes, indoor air quality, Homestar, sustainable concrete and airtightness are just some of the topics presented at this year's Eco Design Advisor (EDA) Conference in Wellington, May 1st - 2nd. Some fortuitous free time allowed me to attend this small conference once again. And once again, I was impressed. Eco Design Advisors Eight councils across New Zealand…

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Happy Earth Day 2017

Earth Day 2017

  April 22nd is Earth Day and Earth Day 2017 seems like a very appropriate day to start writing on Home Style Green again. I've been away from writing and podcasting for a little while. I've been working full time in the construction and building industry, and the experience of the commercial realities of traditional business has been a learning opportunity. I've…

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165: NZ Builders

[caption id="attachment_2877" align="alignnone" width="1000"] A new home built by NZ Builders features contemporary architecture by 519 Design/Build and uses locally sourced materials and and efficient rainwater storage system.[/caption] I usually interview designers and builders about what's going on overseas, with a focus on what the New Zealand industry could learn from them. In this episode, I speak with Damon Gray…

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