EKOKIT Bring Attractive Affordable Energy Efficient Homes to the Market

Would you like a home that’s super energy and water efficient, non-toxic and also very attractive and affordable? Sound too good to be true? Well, that’s pretty much what Jamie Harrington and his team from Nelson produce.

EKOKIT produce high quality, efficient homes using prefrabricated elements. Visit their Toi Toi show home at HIVE to see their innovative suspended concrete floor.
Hybrid Homes
Hybrid Homes are high quality environmentally conscious designs that have already succeeded is high Homestar Ratings.

From Hybrid Homes to EKOKIT

I’ve had the pleasure of Homestar assessing some of Jamie’s Hybrid Homes in Nelson, which are not only very high performing, they’re also aesthetically stunning. At the Prefab HIVE event a couple of weekends ago, I caught up with Jamie Harrington to discuss the finer details of their Toi Toi showhome.

WIth EKOKIT, Jamie’s team applied the same sustainable design philosophies of Hybrid Homes, to a modular, cost effective set of house plans.

Features of an typical Hybrid Home

Some features of the Toi Toi include:

  • Modular design, which allows owners to expand the home inline with family needs

    Toi Toi 2 bed option
    The Toi Toi comes in an 1, 2 or 3 bed option so it can adapt to the needs of just about any family. Visit an example of this 2 bed version at HIVE in Christchurch
  • Non toxic materials
  • Douglas fir timber
  • Water efficient toilets and showers, including the Methven Kiri Satinjet, which boasts an impressive 8.5 L/min, 3 star WELS rating
  • Mohawk premium carpet made from recycled PET bottles
  • Laminated timber beam flooring system with poured and exposed concrete flooring
  • High efficient LED lighting
  • Very high levels on insulation (R 4 floors, R 5.8 ceiling and R 3.6 walls), much higher than building code.
  • High performance, thermally broken, low-E, argon filled double glazing from APL
  • Quality control during construction
  • And more…


For more information and to contact Jamie, visit Hybrid Homes.