Eco Christmas Gift Ideas

Back in 2012 Sam Judd gave his ‘top ten eco-friendly gifts‘ for Christmas. Here’s my updated list of eco Christmas gift ideas to make your home (or someone else’s) a better place to live.

Eco Christmas Tips

Christmas time is a great time to be around family and to do some projects around the house. My tips for having a sustainable Christmas are:

  1. Give to get. What can you give to show your appreciation, and what can you get rid of? I know I’ve accumulated a lot of ‘stuff’ at home and I’m nervous at Christmas time about collecting more plastic junk. Use this time to purge unwanted and unnecessary clutter. Make space for the things and people you really love.
  2. Virtual gifts. Buying gifts doesn’t have to mean stocking up other people’s homes with unless stuff. Consider buying virtual gifts. I’ve included a couple of examples below.
  3. Projects and experiences. Along a similar theme, think about what projects you could do with family around your home or neighbourhood to make a better place to live. Your time might be the most valuable gift of all to family and friends.

Eco Gifts


Virtual Gifts

  • Habitat for Humanity do great work both locally and around the world. You can support Habitat for Humanity here, or offer to volunteer.
  • Charity: Water – My daughter raised an amazing $900 (US) for her 9th birthday this year. The unique thing about Charity: Water is that 100% of your donation goes to supplying water to people in need (all of the organisation’s operating expenses are covered by separate philanthropy).
  • Oxfam Unrapped –  I bought my Mum a goat (for someone else) once. They both loved it.
Why not volunteer at Habitat for Humanity
Why not volunteer at Habitat for Humanity

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