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Who's going to the Go Green Expo? I just had a quick Skype chat with Operations Manager, Damien Hochberg about why he created the expo and what it's all about. Unfortunately this means that my blog posts are a bit out of order (I'm yet to write up my interview with Mark R LePage from ... [Read more]

Thanks to the Bertschi School Living Building Science Wing for creating this great infographic How a Living Building Comes to Life infographic  

Prefab houses have so much to offer. So why are we not doing more of it here in New Zealand, right now? This week, I spoke with CEO of PrefabNZ, Pamela Bell to discuss this very issue. For many New Zealanders, the reason why there's resistance to prefab is in the name. More specifically the memories ... [Read more]

I have a thing about 'rubbish'. I guess I have a thing about a lot of things that don't really makes sense in our modern lives, but let's not get started on all that. A presenter at the recent Auckland Home Show summed it up well when she said that no organic material should ever ... [Read more]

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