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Even double glazed windows are colder than the surrounding walls. Where are code compliant wall today will have an R-value of about 2.0, a typical double glazed window will have an R-value of just 0.26. For an older house with no wall insulation, the wall will have an R-value of about 1.5 and a window ... [Read more]

Concrete slab edge insulation is one of my hot topics. It seems to spark debate, firstly about if it's worth doing, then secondly about how to do it. I recently spoke with manufacturer and experienced business owner, Mike Peters of Fort Wayne, Indiana who's come up with an easy solution for builders to cut heat ... [Read more]

Nudura is a type of Insulated Concrete Form (ICF). This particular flavour of ICF was created by Canadian former builder, Murray Snider, who is now President and CEO of Nudura. "The forms are interlocking modular units that are dry-stacked (without mortar) and filled with concrete." Wikipedia Like other types of ICF, Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms are basically like ... [Read more]

How much would you value a rating for your home? What if, just by getting that rating, your house become more valuable? Aside from the extra confidence you'll gain from having another professional look at your home, and of course, all the comfort and health benefits you're likely to get from having a 'good' home, ... [Read more]

Louisa Chase is the Project Manager for EcoFest 2014. The festival runs from March 15th through to April 13th and has everything from films, to gardening and composting seminars, eco-house tours and even a sustainable fashion show. Kaipatiki started 15 years ago with one person planting some native trees and restoring some land near a ... [Read more]

Well it's been far too long, but I have been busy while I've been away from the computer. Most recently I enjoyed a great Christmas & summer break. My Dad was also here and we got some great projects done around that house, many of which will help improve the overall sustainability of our home. ... [Read more]

Eion Scott is an Eco Design Advisor with the Auckland Council. Eco Design Advisors around the country offer free, in home, independent advice on how to improve the warmth, health and comfort of your home. For more information go to the Eco Design Advisor website.

An architectural designer sits somewhere between a draughter and an architect. Bob Burnett is an experienced architectural designer in Christchurch and he explained to me some of the reasons why it's a good idea to consult with a designer if you're planning a new build or a renovation. Bob is also an experienced energy modeller ... [Read more]

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