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Marketing can be used in an 'evil' way, but Kristy Hoare always wanted to use her marketing skills for good. She's done this by helping to promote products that she believes can me the world better. As solar power and eco homes become more mainstream, it's increasingly important to have somewhere to find unbiased information, and that's ... [Read more]

Kelly Hart is an amazing thinker and innovator. He's passionate about the environment and generous with the resources and learning he shares. Notes for the episode are to come. In the meantime, here's what you need to know: Kelly Hart's amazing hub of resources and links: Source of alternative house plans: DreamGreenHomes Following on from ... [Read more]

Peter Olorenshaw has been developing his passion for passive solar design for over 21 years in Nelson, one of New Zealand's sunniest spots. While he does practise architecture elsewhere, like his designs, he prefers to keep it local. Peter's tips for designing a good home include: Location - it's hard to retrofit good community, so try ... [Read more]

I'm sorry I haven't written up this post yet. But for now, you can enjoy the podcast! Come back soon to learn more about the great work that William Ray and the team at Green Tomato do.

What's the difference between resilience and sustainability? Is there a place for both? Is it even really that important? The utter darkness while driving around east Auckland early last Sunday reminded me of the similarly eerie calm we experienced while driving around Christchurch on February 23rd, 2011. A 21st century city without electricity is a ... [Read more]

We pretty much know what's in them, but where are all the good homes in New Zealand? And what is it specifically that makes them good? A common response from a survey I posted recently, was that people want to know about other people who have designed and built 'good homes', and how they did ... [Read more]

Who's going to the Go Green Expo? I just had a quick Skype chat with Operations Manager, Damien Hochberg about why he created the expo and what it's all about. Unfortunately this means that my blog posts are a bit out of order (I'm yet to write up my interview with Mark R LePage from ... [Read more]

Chris McKay and his family were forced to leave their home in Christchurch after the Canterbury earthquakes in 2011. Like many others, they were faced with the task of finding a new home and they chose to start from scratch and to build. Early on the process, they decided they wanted to have a warm ... [Read more]

This week I was thrilled to be asked some great questions by a subscriber and listener. Among these was a query about how to make your home solar-ready if you can't afford to install solar straight away. The first premise of this question is one of affordability. It's not the purpose of this post to ... [Read more]

I've been enjoying the benefits of solar electricity since April this year, thanks to Vector's home solar power solution. I always knew I'd eventually get solar panels installed on my roof, but I figured it's cost at least $10,000 to get started, and so I'd have to wait a while. Then earlier this year, I ... [Read more]

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