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Adrian Feasey has worked as a solar consultant and is establishing himself now as a home performance consultant. New Zealand definitely needs more home performance consultants to help improve the standard of our houses. And raising the standard of his own home is one of Adrian's current projects. Adrian and his family recently moved in ... [Read more]

Paul Blais is an amazing guy. For a few years he's run a successful electrical contracting firm designing and wiring custom lighting, security and sound systems. It was good to chat to Paul about developments in fluorescent and LED lighting technology. What Paul is most passionate about though, is success and how to achieve dreams. ... [Read more]

I'm just back from three days at Buildnz Designex, working on the Homestar stand and I'm fairly exhausted after talking to so many interesting designers, architects, builders and loads of product suppliers. Trade shows and expos can be a gamble. They're expensive to attend as an exhibitor, they take time out of 'productive work' and ... [Read more]

A couple of weeks ago, I shared my interview with Monique Alfris from Pollinate Energy. This inspiring organisation has teamed up with another inspiring organisation, Chip In, to start a campaign where you can contribute as little as $5 to help their cause. That's about the price of an incandescent light bulb! So go on, ... [Read more]

How do you know how efficient a light bulb is? Well soon we'll be able to use the a similar system that's available for comparing fridges, dishwashers, heat pumps and various other appliances. It's called Minimum Energy Performance Standards, or MEPS for short. You can find out more about MEPS on the EECA website. From ... [Read more]

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