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The official results are out and it makes for some very interesting reading. The team at He Kainga Oranga have released their evaluation report of the government's $340 million Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart (WUNZ:HS) programme. Perhaps the most impressive result is the bottom line 4:1 benefit ratio. Put simply that means that the estimated ... [Read more]

In today's cast, I complete our introduction to heating systems with a look at central heating. Common to all central heating systems are three main components: The fuel The engine or heater The distribution system - pipes, ducts and outlets There are two main mediums for transfering heat. Air is common with gas-fired heaters and ... [Read more]

The inside of many (most?) New Zealand homes is pretty cold and damp. It's no coincidence then, that New Zealand also has one of the highest rates of asthma in the OECD. Professor Philippa Howden-Chapman is perhaps the countries leading expert in the connection between our housing stock and our health and I was privileged ... [Read more]

In Episode 4 of the Home Style Green podcast, I discuss the common types of heaters used to heat individual rooms. I talk briefly about the running costs of each type and how to decided which one to use. There's also a strong word of caution about why not to use unflued gas heaters. In ... [Read more]

In my second podcast, I discussed heat transfer and the the types and styles of insulation. I talked about 'R-value' and the technical meaning of thermal resistance. Well, without a full transcript (or even detailed show notes at this stage), I thought it might be worth doing quick follow-up entry with some of the content. ... [Read more]

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