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Prefabrication, high performance homes, indoor air quality, Homestar, sustainable concrete and airtightness are just some of the topics presented at this year's Eco Design Advisor (EDA) Conference in Wellington, May 1st - 2nd. Some fortuitous free time allowed me to attend this small conference once again. And once again, I was impressed. Eight councils across ... [Read more]

When I first saw the LUNOS, I was skeptical. How could this be a ventilation solution with true heat recovery, when it's so small? I particularly weary of systems claiming to be 'heat recovery ventilation', because so much of what's typically sold and installed as such in New Zealand, simply is not. Worse than that, ... [Read more]

Something a little different this week. I've had some excellent questions sitting in my inbox for a while and I thought that many could benefit from them. Here's just a sample. Got similar questions? Please get in touch and if I can't help, we'll put the word out to find someone who can. Got a ... [Read more]

Phil and Nik Gregg run Sustainability Options, an 'altruistic business' that aims to work for the benefit of others in their community. When I first had the pleasure of meeting the brothers last year, I was slightly confused and also inspired by their commitment to return 85% of their profits to charity and community in ... [Read more]

What other form of heating provides a coefficient of performance, around 5 - 7? That’s the promise of ground source heat pump technology. Last week I spoke to Senior Hydrogeologist at Geoscience Consulting, Huw Williams about this amazing technology. We discussed if it’s suitable for houses in New Zealand and why Huw is so interested ... [Read more]

Adrian Feasey has worked as a solar consultant and is establishing himself now as a home performance consultant. New Zealand definitely needs more home performance consultants to help improve the standard of our houses. And raising the standard of his own home is one of Adrian's current projects. Adrian and his family recently moved in ... [Read more]

Chris McKay and his family were forced to leave their home in Christchurch after the Canterbury earthquakes in 2011. Like many others, they were faced with the task of finding a new home and they chose to start from scratch and to build. Early on the process, they decided they wanted to have a warm ... [Read more]

Thanks to the Bertschi School Living Building Science Wing for creating this great infographic How a Living Building Comes to Life infographic  

Amanda Magnus is the Exhibition Director for Exhibitions & Events New Zealand, and is responsible for organising the inaugural Rebuild and Renovate Christchurch Home Show. The show, which is on from Friday 22nd - Sunday 24th March at CBS Canterbury Arena, is a response to huge demand in Christchurch for information about building a ... [Read more]

Poor quality housing is housing that doesn't do it's job well. So what's the job of a house? I think it's to keep us warm, dry and healthy. These are the basics. Above that it's a place for us to live; grow, entertain, learn, rest and share happy times with friends and family. Perhaps sometimes ... [Read more]

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