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I've been following Jo Wood's and Shay Brazier's Zero Energy House project for nearly three years and I'm very excited to have them both on the show to share some of the details of their design and inspiration. I wanted to cut the chase and find out what makes this house so good. What are ... [Read more]

Dean Buckeridge has been designing energy efficient homes for nearly two decades. Along with Russell Devlin, and now also Bob Burnett, I've regarded Dean for long time as one of the prominent house designers in Christchurch who has been leading the way in good, solar design. It was a privilege to talk with Dean and ... [Read more]

Who's going to the Go Green Expo? I just had a quick Skype chat with Operations Manager, Damien Hochberg about why he created the expo and what it's all about. Unfortunately this means that my blog posts are a bit out of order (I'm yet to write up my interview with Mark R LePage from ... [Read more]

We are not building enough homes people can afford. This was the focus of a workshop organised by He Kainga Oranga - The Housing and Health Research Programme, from the University of Otago in mid 2012. Since then,  Sarah Bierre, Professsor Philippa Howden-Chapman and Lisa Early have been busy compiling written contributions from a number of ... [Read more]

Thanks to the Bertschi School Living Building Science Wing for creating this great infographic How a Living Building Comes to Life infographic  

Would you like a home that's super energy and water efficient, non-toxic and also very attractive and affordable? Sound too good to be true? Well, that's pretty much what Jamie Harrington and his team from Nelson produce. From Hybrid Homes to EKOKIT I've had the pleasure of Homestar assessing some of Jamie's Hybrid Homes in ... [Read more]

Amanda Magnus is the Exhibition Director for Exhibitions & Events New Zealand, and is responsible for organising the inaugural Rebuild and Renovate Christchurch Home Show. The show, which is on from Friday 22nd - Sunday 24th March at CBS Canterbury Arena, is a response to huge demand in Christchurch for information about building a ... [Read more]

Poor quality housing is housing that doesn't do it's job well. So what's the job of a house? I think it's to keep us warm, dry and healthy. These are the basics. Above that it's a place for us to live; grow, entertain, learn, rest and share happy times with friends and family. Perhaps sometimes ... [Read more]

The inside of many (most?) New Zealand homes is pretty cold and damp. It's no coincidence then, that New Zealand also has one of the highest rates of asthma in the OECD. Professor Philippa Howden-Chapman is perhaps the countries leading expert in the connection between our housing stock and our health and I was privileged ... [Read more]

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