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Kelly Hart is an amazing thinker and innovator. He's passionate about the environment and generous with the resources and learning he shares. Notes for the episode are to come. In the meantime, here's what you need to know: Kelly Hart's amazing hub of resources and links: Source of alternative house plans: DreamGreenHomes Following on from ... [Read more]

The Homestar mandatory minimums are a series of benchmarks that have to be achieved in order to progress up the Homestar scale. They're important because if they are are not achieved, your score will be held back. So what are the Homestar mandatory minimums, and how can you achieve them? [Tweet "What are @HomestarNZ mandatory ... [Read more]

So, you know you want a sustainable (healthy, efficient, affordable and desirable) home, but where do you start? I've covered the fundamentals  of what makes a good energy efficient home, but these are details. What's the big picture? Where do you start a sustainable house? In episode 91, Glenn Murdoch spoke about the importance of ... [Read more]

Over the last few years, I've developed this model for good home design: Map, wrap, gaps, taps and apps. [Tweet "A model for good home design: Map, wrap, gaps, taps and apps. "] Map was an obvious (albeit later) addition to the original model. Good design starts with location. This is about where you plan to build ... [Read more]

Phil and Nik Gregg run Sustainability Options, an 'altruistic business' that aims to work for the benefit of others in their community. When I first had the pleasure of meeting the brothers last year, I was slightly confused and also inspired by their commitment to return 85% of their profits to charity and community in ... [Read more]

Ben Adam-Smith first appeared on Home Style Green back in episode 17, almost a year ago. After this, I was inspired and motivated by what Ben is doing and wanted to stay in touch. So I did. Now he's back to share his learning from year 1. Ben and I have chatted nearly every week ... [Read more]

We pretty much know what's in them, but where are all the good homes in New Zealand? And what is it specifically that makes them good? A common response from a survey I posted recently, was that people want to know about other people who have designed and built 'good homes', and how they did ... [Read more]

It's also where our lungs are, where our eyes and ears are, where our whole bodies, and where our minds are. The home is where we are, for 70-90% of the time. Think about that. The average person spends about three quarters of their day, in their house. The home is where we sleep, where ... [Read more]

What's a 'Building Whisperer' and what do they have to do with making better homes? This is something I wanted to find out when I got the opportunity to talk with David Bartlett, Vice President IBM Smarter Buildings. David Bartlett is passionate not just about making buildings better in their own right, but improving how ... [Read more]

If you're reading this, then you're interested in building a home that performs well. And if you want a home that performs well, you can't rely on the Building Code to achieve this. This is because, in my opinion, the Building Code has very little to do with sustainability or actually building a good home. ... [Read more]

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