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What is a blower door and why would you want to use one? Thomas van Raamsdonk is a home performance expert. He's also an expert educator and can often be found touring New Zealand and Australia talking with design professionals, builders and clients about the virtues and techniques of better building. During his career of ... [Read more]

How important are curtains when it comes to improving the performance of your home? As Chad Keven from Heavy Duty Curtains explains, it's not just about the drapes, the curtain track that supports the curtain can also play a big role in improving the insulation properties. The alternative to a track that's sealed at the ... [Read more]

It seems that a lot of the big gains to be made in improving warmth, comfort and efficiency, come with a big price tag. But what about some of the small stuff? There are a whole bunch of really cost effective ways to improve the performance of any home. The other day, I picked up ... [Read more]

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