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Sydney based firm, PIDCOCK - Architecture and Sustainability is focused on desirable, sustainable architecture. I love the tagline displayed proudly on their site - 'a life more sustainable'. Director, Caroline Pidcock was heading for a career as an engineer but says she fell in love with architecture, almost by accident and has loved the journey ever ... [Read more]

Saskatchewan is right in the middle of Canada and is one of the coldest places where a large number of people live. Through his company, Vereco Homes, Ronn Lepage produces smart, green and beautiful homes. If it can be done in this harsh environment, surely it can be done wherever you live. I like any ... [Read more]

The philosophy of Albertsson Hansen is summed up in these simple words. Thoughtful design. Delightful living. Christine Albertsson is driven by her passion for creating wonderful spaces for people to live in. She's also driven by good design and responsible building. Architecture was a natural coming together for Christine of her love of art, photography, science ... [Read more]

Chris Hays likes to think of Architecture as 'the mother art', encompassing sculpture, mathematics, engineering, anthropology, ecology and more. Above all though, Chris likes the fact that architecture can help people create a better life. Glazing - how much is too much and where can you put it? The value of design competitions for architects How ... [Read more]

Dominique Gettliffe and Alejandra Baltodano believe in the responsibility of architecture to make spaces that are good for people. Architecture shouldn't be about the ego of the artist. The responsibility of architecture is to be a catalyst for people to create amazing spaces. What is it about a building that either makes a space enjoyable ... [Read more]

Want to create a passive solar, healthy, energy and water efficient home with your existing house? Get access to Johann for a three part workshop at a ridiculously low price! Spots are limited so register now! Dr Johann Bernhardt originally came to New Zealand, expecting to stay for a year. That was about 30 years ... [Read more]

Elena Michel travelled to England to learn the art of sustainable architecture. Through her practice, Second Eden Studio, Elena now provides an alternative to the 'McMansion' and is bringing a global perspective of sustainable design to North Carolina. She also loves shipping containers! At Second Eden Studio, Elena provides a range of sustainability oriented services ... [Read more]

Ever noticed how people always seem to 'turn up' in the kitchen? Chris Larson definitely noticed this and has developed the concept of the sociable kitchen as a principle of his house design philosophy. He's also in to making passive solar homes beautiful, which I love. Check out Chris Larson Architecture.   Thanks to Pro ... [Read more]

Ted Kane has a broad range of interests including nomadic cultures, modern urbanism the market for zero energy houses in New York. His work extends beyond his home in Brooklyn and he shares some great insights in this interview.

Peter Olorenshaw has been developing his passion for passive solar design for over 21 years in Nelson, one of New Zealand's sunniest spots. While he does practise architecture elsewhere, like his designs, he prefers to keep it local. Peter's tips for designing a good home include: Location - it's hard to retrofit good community, so try ... [Read more]

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