Being a Green Architect

What does it mean to be a ‘green architect’?

Sian Taylor trained to be an architect in Cardiff, Wales. When she arrived here in New Zealand, like many others who have experienced homes in colder climates, Sian was pretty appalled at the state of New Zealand houses.

Since then Sian has gained experience working in prestigious firms such as Warren and Mahoney Architects and joined Queenstown firm, Green Being in March 2012 [update: the team at Green Being can now be found at]. Sian has been heavily involved in a number of Passive House projects in and around Queenstown.

Being a Green Architect

Demand for high performing homes has grown rapidly and now Sian and her own team of dedicated architects have formed the specialist practice, Team Green Architects.

In this interview, Sian discusses how it’s easy to justify spending a bit more up front on the things that really matter. In some cases, houses designed by Team GreenĀ in Queenstown may require only as little as 10% of the heating cost of a regular (code compliant) house of the same size. This adds up to huge electricity savings right from year 1 of living in the home.

A couple of book recommendations from Sian: