Attic Island Provides Roof Storage Space

Attic IslandHow do you store stuff in your roof space without it affecting your insulation? Attic Island is a simple solution that provides a sturdy platform for roof storage and access above your insulation.

Picture this; you or your clients have just paid to have a good amount of insulation installed in the ceiling, but then some stuff gets stored on top of that insulation. Or perhaps an electrician comes and does some work in the roof and squashes, or moves the material. Disrupting, displacing and crushing ceiling insulation can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the insulation material, effectively devaluing the product and the installation.

In this episode, Jonny Parker shares his journey that lead to the development of Attic Island.

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Inventing Packaging

Jonny wanted to be an inventor when he grew up. Somewhere along the line he got side-tracked down a more traditional, but nevertheless valuable route of studying design.

After working in the field of packaging for a while, he soon became disenfranchised and set up an eco-products, e-commerce website which he ran from his bedroom in the UK while also working as an eco designer.

The Problems with Ceilings

Skip forward a couple of years and Jonny found himself in New Zealand and soon got involved in the home assessment and insulation industry. After two years, his team at Home&Dry have assessed 1,000 houses as part of the Homecoach – Wellington Home Energy Saver’s Programme.

Downlights in a ceiling
The light spilling upwards into a roof space from downlights installed in the ceiling is a good indication of the amount of heat being lost through all the holes and the required gaps in insulation.

Two significant problems that Jonny sees in New Zealand attics are downlights, and storage.

To fix the downlight issue that in some cases prevents them from installing insulation (because it wouldn’t be worth it after they leave enough safety gap around the hot lights), they can now offer an upgrade to LED lights.

But what to do with the storage?

Attic Island offers a robust, simple solution that allows people to create storage space in their attic, without jeopardising the ability to insulate properly.

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Other Resources

Jonny’s book recommendation is The Eco-Design Handbook: A Complete Sourcebook for the Home and Office

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