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5 Hidden Home Invaders 200

A few episodes, I was privileged to have  Caroline Blazovsky, the Healthy Home Expert, on the show. Caroline has kindly followed up with this list of top 5 hidden home invaders and some handy hints about what to do about them using a Canary.  1. Dust Mites - Gone! These creeping looking microscopic critters, feed ... [Read more]


When you're designing a new home, or getting one built, you should invest as much as you can to upgrade the thermal envelope. Put in as much insulation as you can, and invest in the best windows you can afford. In this episode, I walk through the minimum requirements of the New Zealand building code ... [Read more]

A new home built by NZ Builders features contemporary architecture by 519 Design/Build and uses locally sourced materials and and efficient rainwater storage system.

I usually interview designers and builders about what's going on overseas, with a focus on what the New Zealand industry could learn from them. In this episode, I speak with Damon Gray and Andrew Chapman of NZ Builders. They've turned this idea on it's head and have taken some NZ techniques to British Columbia, with ... [Read more]

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"If we end up with a designer or architect with little background in sustainability-related features next time round, we’d definitely use you again as an ‘independent expert’, and we have the sense that you would be able to work well with them without treading on their toes."

Jan Harrison, Christchurch, New Zealand


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