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I love it when I find new companies that are looking at the design and building process a bit differently and who want to provide healthy, energy efficient homes. That's what Nook is all about - low energy homes. I caught up with their designer, Warren Clarke recently and asked him why he does what ... [Read more]


Walls (and roofs and floors) of buildings have become complicated. As we've increased the level of insulation, we've created some new problems, like condensation. This has been aggravated by the addition of layers into the wall that reduce air movement. So how do you create a wall that keeps you warm but will also stay dry? I ... [Read more]


When I first saw the LUNOS, I was skeptical. How could this be a ventilation solution with true heat recovery, when it's so small? I particularly weary of systems claiming to be 'heat recovery ventilation', because so much of what's typically sold and installed as such in New Zealand, simply is not. Worse than that, ... [Read more]

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"If we end up with a designer or architect with little background in sustainability-related features next time round, we’d definitely use you again as an ‘independent expert’, and we have the sense that you would be able to work well with them without treading on their toes."

Jan Harrison, Christchurch, New Zealand


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