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How to Design Eco Friendly Homes

How to Design Eco Friendly Homes thumbnail

Lesley England knows how to design eco friendly homes and importantly for her, she knows how to attract the right clients who want her to design eco friendly homes. It's all in the name - ecohabitats. Actually, that's not completely true. The name ecohabitats does attract a lot of clients, but her great design work [...]

Warm Windows

Warm Windows thumbnail

What exactly is 'PVC'? And is this really a good material for window framing in New Zealand, Australia, or anywhere else in the World? These are some of the questions I put to Oleg Tolmachev, Sales Manager at Warm Windows - Cascade International. PVC is the abbreviation for poly(vinyl chloride) which is a white powder [...]

Building Guide

Building Guide

Through his company, Aim High Publishing, Mark Graham owns and runs the Building Guide, the Design Guide and Bob - the Business of Building. But as Mark openly admits in our interview, he used to hate advertising - the very industry he worked in and now relies on. The difference today is that he knows he's helping [...]

Self-Help Housing

Self-Help Housing thumbnail

Self-help housing is not your typical DIY. I continually comment on the poor standard of the New Zealand housing stock, but we can't ignore the fact that there are people in even worse housing situations. At least 1 billion of them in fact. Canopy Housing Project is a self-help housing organisation based in Leeds, U.K., creating decent homes by renovating derelict [...]

Ecotech Homes

Ecotech Homes thumbnail

Is it just me, or is there a lot more talk about prefabricated, affordable homes lately? Oh, and good quality ones too. This is what Ecotech Homes is all about and I caught up with their Major Project Director, Craig Nisbet just before he took off to Ghana to talk about, well... prefabricated, affordable, quality [...]

Affordable Housing


I've tried to avoid the issue of affordable housing. It's a term that gets used a lot and in all likelihood, the provision of affordable housing is going to be an election issue. I avoid it because it's often brought up as a negative issue. As a problem. But when someone such as Daiman Otto [...]

Green Building Design with Jessica Eyers

Jessica Eyers

Jessica Eyers is a passionate advocate for sustainable, green design. As I discovered during this interview, Jessica is also really interested in the science of green building and understanding what works and what doesn't work. Jessica completed a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Sheffield in the U.K. But it was when visiting the amazing [...]

Our New Homecoach

Our New Homecoach

  Jennifer Crawford started posting to her Our New Homecoach Facebook page in March 2014. The aim of Our New Homecoach is to give people confidence in the house buying process and to help people make good decisions. I love this idea. I've had a suspicion for a while that home buyers may often end [...]

Black Pine Architects

Black Pine Architects

Duncan Sinclair is the founder of Black Pine Architects. His practice and his home are in Whanganui, but thanks to the internet, his work can be anywhere. It's About People Construction and architecture is technical work, but for Duncan it's ultimately about people. Good buildings should look after the people that occupy them. [Tweet "Good [...]

Box Living

Box Living thumbnail

Dan Heyworth, General Manager of Box Living, is on a mission to improve the range and quality of houses available to New Zealanders. After returning to New Zealand from the UK a few years ago, Dan realised there are really only two main options for getting a house built, either going to a building company for [...]


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